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I had a thought just last night ,
Now the moment just feels right !
You know by now how I must feel ,
Deep down you know that it's real !
What I want now is you more and more !
It's true I've never wanted anyone this much before !
You know I'm always willing and ready !
Is your heart ready to have me steady ?
There's a fire in my heart that burns so bright !
I need to confess how I truly feel tonight ,
I believe that I have loved you all along !
These feelings of mine are truly strong !
You know there is alot that I can say ,
You know by now I'm not going away !
I don't deny these feelings for you to myself ,
I won't bottle them up and throw'em on a shelf !
If you care about me you'll hold me if I need to cry !
If you care about me you'll be willing to give me a try !
And I will stay ,be faithful and only want you !
My Sweetheart my Love for you will always be true !
You can make your lust for me go away !
But for me (I hope) will you please stay !
If you say no , then I guess I will know ,
That you don't feel the same , but I won't go !
I will wait for you , you will see ,
For you to fall in Love with me !
In the mean time I will love you and I'll give you everything I have to give ,
Because without you in my life I don't know how I would live !
So now I am opening my heart and giving you the key !
I will always be gentle even when you start loving me !

Watch out Cupid has found Love for me again!

Please just tell me exactly what you need ,
Before we allow our first lovemaking to proceed !
When it comes to love, I'm exsperianced indeed !
But when it comes to pleasing you, I'm just a little naive .
Whisper your every command ,
Whisper your every demand !
I hope you understand Baby I'll be your man !
So please tell me what you like best ,
Before we both get undressed !
Would you enjoy me tongue kissing your breast ?
Would you enjoy your whole body being caressed ?
Whisper your every comand ,
Whisper your every demand !
I hope you understand Baby I'll be your man !
So please just tell me what to do ,
Before I begin to enter you !
I'll go slow and gentle if you want me to !
I'll go faster and harder if it suits you !
Whisper your every comand ,
Whisper your every demand !
I hope you understand Baby I'll be your man !

As the day passes into the night my love,I think of you!
Wishing I could touch your skin,feel your lips,hear your voice and hold you too,
Right now I just wish that I was with you!
As the sun peers over the tree tops my love, I think of you!

Can I fill your dreams with happiness?
Can I show you the way to true love?
I wish I could only say it to you,
And have it to be true for you.

I want to show you the way my love,
The way to true happiness from above
I want to show you you are not insane,
That all men are not the same!

Can your heart open up to me?
If it does , you will see,
That I will never let you down,
Therefore you'll have no reason to frown!

Can you hear my heart beat?
I can taste your lips the're so sweet!
Can you hear my whispers , the're true?
Oh my Sunshine , I am missing you!
I want so much , to hold you near!
Do you also want me Dear?
As I cling so close to you,
Do you hunger for me too?
I am thinking of you now!
Are you wondering if somehow?
Two hearts that yearn so much can see,
Together is where they should be!
Tell me now, the time is here,
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is near!
Do you feel the same way I do?
My heart for you will always be true!

Tear drops on your pillow , from such a pretty eye.
One that's meant to sparkle,one that's not meant to cry!
Tear drops on your pillow,don't you wonder why ?
What took away your happiness , and made you want to cry ?
Was it brought on by sorrow or was it from pain ?
Or is it just because , you heard his voice call out your name ?
When you start to wonder why ,
Your tear drops will not dry ,
Just think of me
And you will see .
I can give you happiness ,
And take away those tear drops , on your pilllow ,
From eyes not meant to cry !


You are the one that I chose !
When we kiss I hold you so close !
I hold you close because I never want you to go home !
I just don't want you to leave me in this world all alone !
So kiss me good and hold me tight ,
Let me know everything is going to be alright !
Happiness is what we feel when we hold each other !
But for now our Love must remain undercover !
Each others hearts we chose to steal !
For we have our reasons not to show the world how we feel !
Holding hands and keeping our kissing concealed !
A short time ago our Love was sealed !
Your kiss is passionate and also sweet !
The sensation sweeps me right off my feet !
Your touch so soft and yet so tender !
Becauses when we are together you are not a pretender !
When we make Love our bodies quiver !
Our breathing deepens as we shiver !
And our heatbeats begin to quicken ,
As if by lightening we were stricken !
From my heartbeat to your heartbeat ,
We see happiness that is so sweet !
As we stare deep into each others eyes !
We see the strength of our ties ,
That hold us together !
We know our lives couldn't be better !