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I roll over...moaning softly,reaching out and finding empty space .
Then I remember,your not here so I picture your beautifull face .
I slide back into dreamland where you enter into my mind .
Then I run my fingers through your hair wondering how I could be so blind .
I gently kiss your lips of silk ,as you moan in soft delight .
I can smell your body spray when I pull you close , holding you tight !
I never want to wake up, I just want to enjoy the show.
For if I was to wake up I'm afraid that you would go ,
Just like all the other times I've had you in my hand ,
I woke up just to find out you were in my dream land !
Maybe someday my dream will be reality ,
Then we both will live in tranquility !

As I go to sleep tonight
I will dream of you
Of everything you give me
Of everything so true

When I wake up tomorrow
You will not have gone
My dreams are a part of me
They go on and on

All day long I dream of you
With every opportunity
I think of all the things you do
Of how much you mean to me

Before I go to sleep tonight
I look forward to the time
When I will have your eyes so bright
Shining into mine

So another day is gone
And as I turn out the light
I know I'll dream of you again
As I go to sleep tonight

Then someday, as our hearts hold true
You will see me there on one knee
With my hand reaching out to you
Asking you "Will you marry me?"
Copyright 06/11/2005 Ron D.Marcus


Living in a dream world,dreaming the hours away .
Missing you Sunshine more than words can say .
Just a prisoner in a dream world , where the skies are always gray .
Knowing it's the penalty a caring person like me, must pay .
Locked up in this dream world where you posses the key !
I would be your slave forever if you'd only set me free !
Take me out of this dream world because it's with you I want to be !
I'm begging you my Love make my dream a reality !

Just Dreaming!
It makes me happy to see,
you sitting next to me !
My dreams have come true ,
I've spent my life looking ,
for a woman like you !
I feel so wonderful ,
holding you in my arms !
I wish I could kiss you ,
I know it would do no harm !
Dreams do come true,
you've proved this to me !
So please... let me prove it to you , you too ,
Can have have your dreams come true !
Sunshine stay with me ,
And you will see ,
I will give you happiness ,
Because together we are blessed !

You close your eyes
And sit alone
You hide from the skies
And turn off the phone
You think of everything
Inside your mind
That song you love to sing
And that joy your trying to find
You know you can't turn back
To where you use to be
You have fallen too far off track
And now it's hard to see
Yet you look over your shoulder
At the steps you have taken
You feel the days getting colder
Each moment your awaken
Though the heat is on the rise
And the sun shines so bright
Through the bluest summer skies
Something isn't right
All your old dreams have faded
And the chance of hope seems so bleak
There is a Love that left you jaded
A Love that left you weak
So the thoughts in your head
Linger to me now and then
An appetite that can't be fed
Thinking of the way it should have been
You open your eyes to find before you
The way life should be now it seems
Finally you realize what is true
I am everything in your new dreams !
Well Sunshine these were my thoughts of you tonight thinking about what you might be thinking about . I miss you my Love so I wrote you another special poem for a special You , from Me to You

Still Dreaming!