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Ghostly Spirit Pics and Stories

Welcome to my Spirit Picture Page! Let me just add that Spirits don't care to be called ghosts! They are just as I said Spirits and Souls!(NOTE!)... This page may take awhile to load so read a story or two while you wait! Sincerely,Ron.UPDATE..... 6/08/05 I am in the process of building a site named Ghostly Spirit Pics You can visit it by clicking here Ghostly Spirit Pics and Stories You will find more(different)interesting pics there on page 3 and 4 with more stories on page 2. Please be patient as I just started the site tonight and since it's a free site it has pop ups for now until I get a chance to pay to remove them!
UPDATE.....8/19/03 PLEASE DO NOT LINK REMOTELY TO MY IMAGES! I have put a stop to people stealing my bandwidth by blocking the remote linking to my images!

Let me tell you a little about how I became involved in the paranormal. Ever since I was young I knew there was something "Special" about myself.I could always see and hear things that others could not. Then in the early nineties things started to happen around me that I couldn't exsplain.Such as various items in the house would move on their own accord when I woud exit a room.Then me and my ex-wife started hearing voices late at night and even recorded a little girls voice one night asking"Where's my Barbie doll". In this same house my ex-wife seen her first ghost an older man in a very outdated suit.I won't go into all the details that occured in this house here but I will tell you this. The last thing that happened in this house was a fire and I will leave a little excerpt from my book on this matter.My next encounter would come on january 13,1996 at around 6:oopm it had been cold all week with a high temperature of eighteen degrees fahrenhiet for the week. Our pipes had froze and I was thawing them out with a propane torch, after I finished thawing the ones in the garage I heard this whisper say "You just caught your house on fire". At the time I just ignored it, but today if I was to hear something like that I would definately look into it, about three hours go by and the lights in the kitchen start to flicker then the cable on the T.V. goes out I walk into the kitchen and see the garage full of smoke, I tell C**** to get out of the house that is was on fire. I try to call 911 but the phone was dead . We get out and I use the cell phone to call the fire department then I run back in to gather what belongings I could while waiting for help to arrive . I go in three times and the last time I am in there the electric goes off and the house is full of smoke, well I can't see , I'm lost and gasping for air. I fall to the ground thinking this would be the end of my life when I hear a voice saying "Don't do this to me it's not your time ". Here I am gasping and exhausted crawling around looking for the way out when I hear this voice again saying " Follow my voice I will get you out, don't give up I love you". After that all I could hear was" follow me" and " this way", I followed the voice to the door and made it out of what could of easily been my death bed. I never did figure out as to which one of my relatives helped me get out out that burning house that night but I know one thing. Having met someone from the other side that night opened up a new door for me to see through, and see through it I do! Some call it a window I call it a door. That is because you can't step through a window but you can certainly step through a door. When dealing with Spirits it is very important to "Believe"! I don't just mean believe that they are there but "Believe" you will always be "Safe" and no harm will come from them and "Believe" no harm will come to you.
I don't know how many times people have told me about how scared they have gotten when they have seen or heard something or how many times I have been called up in the middle of the night to tell one to leave someones house. Spirits can play off your fear and they know what you are thinking most of the time. When I investigate most Spirit hauntings of people I find that if the spirit is still there when I arrive I just tell it to leave the family alone real "polite like" and they will move on or remain where they are but they will be less noticable to the living.
If any of you have any "Ghost" stories to share or some pics please E-mail them to me and I will post them for you if you'd like. Ronjohn261Thank you. Sincerely,Ron.

UPDATE...7/02/03 After reviewing the stats for this page and seeing as to how much traffic it has been generating I decided to add a couple of more stories out of my book of my real life experiences. Read,enjoy and hope you never have to go through the stuff I have been through. Thanks for stopping by,Ron.

The next day we move into one of my vacant rental units , the house was a total loss and we had to start our lives over at this point. We lived in our new house with nothing unusual happening at first ,then one day in the early evenning I am driving to a small town about fifty miles away to look at some property that the owner wants me to manage. Some how I get lost ,it gets dark and I decide I had better try and find my way home.I am driving down this old two lane highway when I see this man standing in the middle of the road . I slam on my breaks and stop just as I run into him ,I proceed to open my door then I hear his voice saying "Hi I'm Mike" well somewhat confused because what I heard came from my right side I turn around and see this young man in his early twenties sitting in the passenger seat. Cold chills rush thru my my body from head to toe and my hairs are literaly standing on end , I am scared at this point , then he says " Ron don't be afraid I'm not going to hurt you". I just look at him and ask how do you know my name? His reply was "Because I'm dead" even more confused and scared I ask him " how did I die"? With that he cleared up the confusion telling me he was the one that was dead not me , well I must say that I was a little relieved but still why was he in my car . I ask him what he wants and he said he could hear my thoughts from a long ways off and just wanted to know who it was that he was hearing , after that he must of known how scared I was because he just vanished as quick as he appeard . I lock the doors and start driving down the road again when I hear him again as I was approaching a sharp turn with him stating "this is where I died I ran into that tree". The tree definately had some old damage on it that looked like may be a car had crashed into it at some point in time . There I am driving and looking around the car trying to find him, when I look in my rearview mirror and spot him in the back seat , I turn around to tell him to get out but he's gone. I look in my mirror again and see him one more time , I turn around and he's not there , look back in the mirror and see him again , ok I've had enough of this I just start yelling "get out of my car now and leave me the hell alone". That done the trick , so I thought , I drive ahead about five miles and as I approach a cemetary he again returns this time saying "This is where they laid my body to rest".That was it ! I went from scared half to death to being mad as hell , why was he doing this to me , I am not going to take it anymore ! I stop the car , slam the gear shifter into park and tell him " if this is where you belong get the hell out of my car and leave me alone , I command you to leave now". I don't know if it was my anger or what I had said but he disapeared and I seen this ball of light take off across the cemetary at a high rate of speed . Needless to say I was relieved a great deal , I restarted the car and start on my way asking myself why me, why do these things happen to me? It will be a few more years before I get my answer to that question and without saying , it was a simple one to say the least .
We had been in our new house now for a few month's when one april evenning I was making love to C**** when I heard two distinct whispers. One asked "Did he pregnate her" and the other one answered "Yes". At the time I thought damn someone has been watching us but the curtains were closed so I just figured it was one of the spirits that come and go.Then about a month and a half later I again hear a voice telling me that C**** was pregnant to take her to the doctor . I ask C**** when her last period was and she looked at me and said " it's been too long ago , I think I'm pregnant". I tell her I had a feeling that she was pregnant so we buy a home pregnancy test kit and it tested positive. The next day we schedual a doctors appointment to confirm it and to our delight our dreams had finally come true we were going to be parents finally after fifteen years of trying. It was after C**** got pregnant the activity around me really started to pick up, she said that on several occasions that I would hit her in my sleep , I mean try to really hurt her , she would try to wake me up but couldn't .On one occassion I had bloodied her nose in my sleep and the next morning all I could remember was a dream I had about fighting with aliens and winning. Well with the thought of hurting C**** while I slept I began sleeping in my office or the living room away from her, with my doing this I was bridging the gap between us even further making myself feel like I was all alone in this world. One evening I went to work on one of my vacant units that the owner had just purchased from the state as a result of an estate probate settlement . The owner had passed away about sixteen month's earlier an elderly lady that lived alone and the relatives could not be located . I started off preparing the walls to paint when I heard this lady crying , I walked outside to have a look around but I couldn't hear her out there . I went back in and heard her again this time I turned off my radio and walked around the house searching for her voice I get in the hallway and noticed that's where it was the loudest . I look up and see the attic door , I pull it down and the crying stops , now with my previous experiance of knowing that when I hear someone and can't see them it has to be a spirit. I climb up the steps to the attic and notice it is full of clothes , nicknacks and pictures , upon seeing this I remember thinking to myself , I might find a few things to keep and donate the rest to charity . Right after that thought I heard her crying again . Having experience this sort of thing in the past I say to her "Can you hear me ? I can hear you crying". With that she answered " You can hear me?" , I could fill the hairs on my body stand on end and cold chills shoot through my body. I answered back to her yes I can hear you , she told me her name and said that her grandson would be arriving soon not to give her things to anyone but him . I asked her her grandsons name and she told me , she said that she was waiting on his return that she hadn't seen him since he was four years old. She told me to look in this one box containing pictures she wanted to show me a picture of him. I guess I talked to her about an hour and a half before I got bored and she sensed this because she said she knew I had work to do and that I should do it as her grandson would be by soon . Before I left her I promised her I would turn her things over to her grandson if he arrived , she reassurred me that he would . I worked on this house about two weeks before I had it ready to rent . I took applications on it for five days and her grandsons name wasn't on any of them , I couldn't wait any longer , I had to rent this unit out so I picked up the best applicant to give him a call . As I picked up the phone I didn't hear a dial tone so I say "Hello" and the person on the other end wants to know if the house is still available to rent . I tell them no and he said that was too bad that he drove by it and thought that it was his grandmothers old house . I ask his name and sure enough it was her grandson . Now cold chills come over me and I tell him that I found his name on some papers and some of his grandmothers things were in the attic . I ask him if he would like to pick them up , he asked why his grandmother sold the house without taking everything and I told him that she had passed away . He couldn't understand why he wasn't contacted but I told him I knew nothing about it but would arrange to meet him there to pick up the rest of her belongings. Upon meeting him he had his wife and two sons with him , we go into the house and I hear the old lady say "See I told you he would arrive". Now he couldn't hear her but I could and she asked me if I was going to let him live there . Well I don't know what came over me but it just seemed like the right thing to do to let him live there close to her even though he had no ideal that she was still there. I figured this way she could be close to her family even though they couldn't hear or see her but the deceased like to watch over the living despite of that . Now this guy didn't have a job or all of the rent because he had car trouble moving from out of state but the old lady reassurred me he was good for it .Now that was a chance I would have to take , I paid the rest of the rent for him and he paid me back within two month's and he was never late with his rent . You see not all my experiances are unpleasant ones but read on most of them are.(NOTE: I may add more stories from my book at a later date) Thanks for stopping by. Sincerely,Ron:)
If you'd like to visit a good ghost site visit my Friends site Aware Foundation by clicking here Reverend Larry and his wife Debbie has been a tremendous help to me more than once at ridding my house of unwanted guest on more than one occasion!

This one was taken in my bedroom one night 8/20/03 when something kept calling my name.Most Spirit pictures are captured as what we call orbs, they are round in shape and come in various sizes. I have no clue as to what to call this image or as to what kind of entity caused it as I am not an expert in the field.
This is one that I went looking for.
I had some people wanting to go looking for ghost one night in june of 2002 so we went to a old cemetary just west of Oklahoma City and we took several pictures of orbs. This was taken with a disposable 110 camera.
Here are some more orbs..Notice the ones on the go.
This one was taken the same night with my digital camera.
Here is another bright orb from the same cemetary!
I am having trouble here! It is not unusual for my computer to act up and do wierd stuff when I am working on a Spirit page so I will complete this at a later date.
These are orbs on the road in front of the cemetary!
Here it is June 29th,2003 and I decided to try to upload some more photos but am still having trouble! I did manage to get this one up though!
(taken with the digital camera)
This orb is where the town use to be!
I took several pictures towards where the town use to stand and this is the only one that showed an orb! I would like to add that this ghost town is the middle of nowhere and it was pitch black when I took the picture with no moon light or street lamps visable.(taken with the 110 disposable camera)
Here's a newer one taken 4/13/05

This one I took after I caught a glimpse of something lurking around a turned off TV in my bedroom! Notice his beard is hanging outside the TV screen where the plastic housing starts!He didn't seem too happy over his picture being taken as he yelled out NO right after I took it!