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NEWEST Poems to Read!

These Poems were written to someone that has really touched my Heart like no other a Dear Friend of mine! NOTE: The Newest Poems are towards the bottom of Page!


I'd walk across the desert floor

I'd sail the seas of blue

I'd pull the stars from the sky

to spend my life with you.

You've shown me that I can love again

You've shown me that you care

Now I want to spend forever giving my heart to share

I want to see the sunset reflected in your eyes

I want to watch the clouds with you

As they scuttle cross the sky

I long to say I love you

As you hold me near

I long to reach out for you

And chase away your fears

Know nothing could ever take me

From your loving arms

For you know I have walked cross a barren land

And you know you kept me from drowning

When to me you held out your hand

Now all thats left are the stars in the sky

And those you pulled down, and placed them in my eyes!

Dedicated To Susan Hughes on 9/22/03

Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus


"Missing Susan"

My days are empty without you,

But specially my nights

I dream of waking up every morning

To the beauty of your smile

Your hair I'd love to caress

As you sleep close to me

And pull myself closer to you

To kiss your sensual lips

Watching your chest as it rise with each breath,

Looking at you as you sleep

Gently, waking you to the softness of my hands

As your body is yielding to me

Softly, running my fingers through your back,

Gently, holding your soft hands

Whispering words of love in your ear,

Not leaving nothing to a chance

My lips embracing every part of your body

As you're sensually moving on me

Your hands touching all my weak spots

As we make our love burn hot

I hope you come to see me soon,

I can't stand another minute without you

I miss you more and more every moment of the day

And I can't take this life without you

As for you,

Everything is so precious and true!

Dedicated to Susan Whom I Cherish Deeply!

Copyright 9/22/2003 Ron D.Marcus


"Wish You Were Here"

I wish you were here

to enjoy this night with me...

I wish you were here,

because while you are gone,

I am missing you....

I wish that you were here,

so that I could hold you tight...

I wish you were here,

so I could look into your beautiful eyes so bright....

I wish we were together,

to talk, laugh and to share our thoughts and dreams with each other...

I wish we could cuddle,

and I wish we could kiss tenderly and passionately...

I wish we could hold each other,

and tell each other how we feel.....

but we cannot,

because you are not here....

So I need to tell you how I long to hold you in my arms and that I am missing you....

How I am constantly thinking of you,

And to let you know that I will soon be dreaming of you!

Copyright 2003



In your eyes

Could I ever be

Anything that you'd desire of me?

A man of conviction

And integrity!

Will you find what you treasure

When you look at me?

In your eyes

Could I ever be

All the things that you'd expect from me?

Like a heart strong and steady

Anchored in care

And will you still Love and care about me?

When you look in my eyes

Will any of this there?

Yes it will because I am in your heart

And you are in mine!

Although it seems so

It was not that long ago

I can still remember the first time

I recieved email from you!

In your eyes

I will be everything you'd expect from me!

Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus

Baby I am tired tonight but I wanted to finish this poem I started for you earlier tonight. I can't seem to get the words just right but I am sending it to you anyways. I enjoyed your company again tonight and am counting the days `till I have you in my arms!Loving You, Loving Me!


"I Love You"

I Love you like the setting sun

which ends a perfect day of fun

of doing the things we love to do

so happy together, me and you!

Like cruising around the country side

or walking along the oceans tide

or listening to some Love song CD's

dancing any which way we please!

I Love you like the morning dew

it always brings warm thoughts of you

dancing so gently on the grass

looks just like some crystal glass!

Even in the morning mist

I will remember the time when we first kiss!

I think of you from afar

across the distance like a star!

I Love you like a gentle breeze

blowing swiftly through the trees

whenever the rain comes to view

I often sit and think of you!

I know now that you will not roam

I Love to talk to you on the phone

and when I hear your sweet voice

I know why you are, my only choice!

And if the skies aren't so blue

I will always be true to You!

Loving You For Loving Me!

By Your Side I Will Always Be!

Copyright 2003



I need to be by your side

I need you in my arms

as long as we are together

nothing else matters

Its a feeling I can't describe

I know you feel it too

I have never felt this comfortable

with anyone but you

I count the hours till we can talk again

I count the days till I can hold your hand

Missing you more and more

until we are together again!



Whispers in the night

Seem so distant, so far

When you are not here

I miss how you are!

The smile I long to see on your face

The softness of your touch I yearn to feel

For I miss you so much,

Tell me what I am longing for?

Tell me the words I want to hear

For darling I am nothing

With out you right here!

Kiss my lips once

Kiss my lips twice

Tell me you love me

For you are my paradise!

And I accept you the way you are

Even with a little minor scar!

I want you to know

I am not going anywhere

And I am not putting on a show!

Believe me as I will never leave

Right here beside you

Is where I will always want to be!10/04/03

Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus


"Wanting You"

Susan just listen to these words I have to say

your thought has taken over me in each and every way

And ever since I met you my feelings began to grow

I tried to hide them deep inside but my heart just seems to show

I've seen the sweetest angel, a love deep within your heart

for then I knew you were perfection, Gods greatest work of art

As your eyes seems like heaven a sight I've dreamed so much

And your soft voice like a poem my inner spirit and soul it seems to touch

Soon you'll see that what I'm offering is more than deep and true

for I've never wanted anything precious the way i'm wanting you!

And those are just my feelings my feelings from deep within

I just want you to know that I will always Love you and Love you to the very end!Copyright 200310/04/03



If I would search the whole world over,

Would I ever find any one as wonderful as you?

Or would I search forever, my whole life through.

But now that I have found you, I want to know,

That you mean more that words could ever say.

More than just my feelings could display.

I want to become apart of you, and you apart of me.

I want to be with you in a calm or stormy sea.

I want to comfort you and make you feel secured,

I want you to hold my love in your heart and make you feel assured.

I want to dry every tear you've ever shed.

And erase every hurtful word that was ever said.

I want to fill your life with love forever and a day.

And in my heart and soul you'll always stay!

Copyright 10/06/03



Your touch burning my awaiting skin

Making Love with no idea of sin

Noises of ecstacy cascade from the walls

Uncontrolled your soul speaks and calls

Love me with passion and skill with each kiss

The air will be like steam with each movements hiss

For each time we make Love may be our last

For life is a movie and we are the cast

So make each embrace stronger than the one before

Because with my Love you will never need more

Please Love me my Lover with all your might

For sex, love and sin are our God given rights

I will make sweet everlasting Love to you cause you are my mate

And when I do you'll never have to compensate

So live each day with me as if it was our last

And our Love will never end or be surpassed

Afterwards hold me close and kiss me goodnight

For my candle burns and you are my inner light!

Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus

Wrote for a Special Friend who resides in my heart

Yes My Love this Special Friend is You! I just wanted to say Thank You for being You! And that I still Love You and enjoy every minute that we get to spend together! You are a part of the light that shines so bright in me and you make me so Happy just being here in my Life! I can't wait to get you here and hold you in my arms and tell you personally just how Special and Appreciated you are! I hope you have a wonderful day today and  are thinking of me as I will be thinking of you!

 Copyright 10/7/03



Guided rapture ....Undefined Beauty... In your body On my mind... Calculated fantasies Divide and conquered Ecstasies... As we go where We have never Gone before... We search for glory Seek insights Search all day Explore all night... Tracks of our souls Are left behind- I follow yours You follow mine... Discoveries made- Claims laid bare- All is Love And All is Fair. When I first met you I felt an excelerated force to be with you, This was a feeling I was very sure of, An adrenaline rush when I here your voice, A highness I still am yet to explain, I have a feeling of completeness like I need nothing else, People around me do not exist when I am with you, I feel as if the world stands still at times, And then at other times if feels like times just move too fast, No matter what you say I hang on your every word, Every minute with you is complete satisfaction, You please me in ways I can barely describe with words..... As my tongue flows gently across your lips massaging with passion, Progressing down your neck as you grab me and squeeze me with such an unexplainable force, And then it hits you, our Love for one another is real. When you finally calm down my benign tongue strokes your precious neck, Then as I cover your nipples with passionate kisses, You pull me toward your impetuous tender lips, For a most romantic and sensual embrace, One like I have never felt before, I open my eyes to see your Beautiful face and as I stare into your eyes I see my own Soul staring back. I secretly ask him what's he doing there and he replies "Ronnie Susans Soul is with you now! You are Soul Mates!" We seperate from our embrace and passionately make Love again. We continue this cycle for days on end and yet seems like forever, When we see each other again the intensity of passion is greater than before! And we know from this moment on that we are to share our lifes until the end! Susan My Love I can't explain it any better! I love you and our Souls have met and they have bonded. This is a Love that God has created and will last Forever! I just hope you read this with your heart and understand it's true meaning. I told you they have always said keep it simple. This is about as simple as I could put it for you. All I can say is I will always be by your side and that I love you more than I have Loved anyone before and I have God to thank for that! I know you expected a poem today but you got a poetic justice instead straight from the heart!     Copyright 10/03/03 Ron Marcus




I promise I'll always be there

When you are feeling down and low

When your world feels empty

And you have no where to go

I promise I'll always be there

When your days are dark and gray

I'll be the one to bring you through;

The light that guides your way

I promise I'll always be there

When you are feeling all alone

I'll be the one to take both hands

And show you the way home

I promise I'll always be there

When you need a friend, my Love

I'll be the one who will always listen

Whenever you need to talk

I promise I'll always be there

To turn your world around

For I am here to make you happy

And never let you down

I promise I'll always be there

When your eyes are shedding tears

I'll be the one to kiss them away

And remind you I'm always near

When you feel like you can't get through

Your darkest, lonely days

Hold on to this promise, Sweetheart,

Because it will never fade away

Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus


"Loving You For Loving Me"

Loving you you for Loving me

You and I know it will always be

Having you wanting me

It will happen wait and see

Making Love to you and you to me

It will happen wait and see

Needing you as your needing me

We know this will happen wait and see!

Loving You For Loving Me!

Well Love I hope you slept well last night and everything is Ok over your way! I thought I'd write you a short poem to get your morning started! I just wanted you to know that I'm still Loving You For Loving Me! Love Your Very Loving ,Ronnie

10/26/03Copyright © 2003 Ron D.Marcus

"Loving You"

I am looking forward to the times when we are together and when you are here I'll be the happiest person in the world!!! I know that our Love is still young but I also know what we feel for each other is really truly Love! Falling in love with you was the easiest and the most wonderful thing I have ever done and Loving you is something I want to do for the rest of my life! Everyday I want to see your face hear the sound of your voice and feel your Love! I hope you somehow know whats on my mind at all times. Because loving you means more to me than anything in the world ever has... or ever will.... I Love you... Heart, Body,Mind and Soul Forever and Ever I'll be Loving You for Loving Me! Love,Ronnie 11/05/03

Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus


"Loving Susan"

Listen to my heart beat Susan listen to my sighes.

Wanting so much to look into your Beautiful eyes!

Watching and listening as the rain falls softly to the ground,

Thinking how you've turned my little world upside down!

I Can't understand how or why this has happened.

Don't really know why but we're somehow connected.

Two souls that were lost somewhere here in cyberspace,

We fell in love while never seeing each other's face!

Can I believe that this was meant to be?

Me Loving you and you Loving me? (yes)

Dear God in Heaven, this what I ask as I pray!

Please never ever, take Ronnie's and Susan's Love away!

I pray that you will tell me, Our feelings aren't in vain!

I pray that you will tell me, Our feelings are the same.

To know that Susan Loves me, brings such joy into my life!

To know that She wants me, knowing Our Love will be allright!

Amen! Copyright 11/06/2003 Ron D.Marcus




I had a very erotic dream last night.

It thrilled me thru and thru.

I had no idea who my lover was.

But now I know it was you.

We were lounging on a blanket

On the shore of a glimmery sea.

My heart was filled with rapture

As you made sweet Love to me.

The thrill I got when you kissed me

Oh it felt so good to me.

No one else's kisses

Ever filled me with such ecstacy.

I could feel the beating of your heart

As your body and mine became one.

The euphoria that I felt right then

Could never be outdone.

I can't wait `till you come to see me

So this dream will be reality

And you make sweet erotic Love to me!

Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus

I have longed for quite some time. I have dealt, with these dreams. But now, I have wondered. What would it be like, if some of them came true. I just wish, for just one second. These dreams would become reality. I wish, for just one second, you were here with me. I just wish, I could get that kiss and make sweet Love to you. I want you here flat on your back with the sound of armegeddon screaming from your mouth I want to wrap myself in you taste everything you have because I'm burning up inside I want you so bad every night when I close my eyes I still see you laying there looking so pretty and my quickening pulse gone so deep into my soul I want to have what I am missing now I want to get closer to you closer than I've ever been before I want to feel you over and over and somemore I want to be with you to hold you tight to be a part of you some night and never ever let you go! So when you get here I will make you have ten and if I don't, I'll start all over again!Copyright © 2003 Ron Marcus



It's Christmas time and you're far away,

I wish you could come here and stay!

That old saying about absence is true,

My heart and soul are crying out for you!

In the whispers of the wind, they're calling you,

Across the skies, so wide and blue!

Beckoning you to come to me,

Although I know this cannot be!

I just want to be held in your Loving embrace,

And look into those Beautiful eyes and caress your face!

Tasting your kisses, oh so sweet

Exciting me from head to feet.

In my dreams you'll come to me,

From far away across the states you see!

Touching my spirit, lifting my soul,

Loving me more than I'll ever know!

But since we are still far far apart,

I hope with you the new year I will start!

Susan my Love I am missing you,

Don't you know my Love is TRUE!!


12/20/03Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus



"What I Want For Christmas"

What I want for Christmas this year,

The thing that would make me full of cheer,

Is to have the one I Love come to call,

It is all I want yes,yes this is all!

Material things yes I have plenty,

But time with Susan I don't seem to have any!

So if she could come for Christmas I'd be,

The happiest man in history!!!

If she'd walk in wearing a big red bow,

That would surely let me know,

That she loves me like I love her,

And then my holiday would have perfect cheer!!

With my Susan dressed in her bow,

Standing here under the mistletoe,

What a big kiss I would give,

For this moment I now live!

I Love her so so very much,

I need so much to feel her touch!

What a perfect Christmas it would be,

To have my Susan come to me!

But I know this can't be so,

So here is what I want you to know!

I still do Love you anyway,

Even if we're apart on Christmas day!


12/20/03Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus





It's like an avalanche

Of snow!

A river

Pouring in

Over flowing!

Like a mighty wind


Something happens

When I call your name!

It's after the storm

Moving on,

A singer singing

His last song!

It's after the thought

I realize,

Something happens

When I call your name!

When I call your name,

It comes to life!

When I dream a dream

Your somewhere in the night!

When I call your name

On a cold winters day,

Or a summers night sky!

Knowing that you are far far away!

Oh I wish you were in my arms


It's like a butterfly

Flying in,

A song bird


An angel in the sky!

Something happens

When I call your name!

It's when I finally

Look into your Beautiful eyes

I could totally


A cold winters day,

A summers night sky,

I can truely say,

Something happens

When I call your name!

And I think of you and your Beautiful eyes.

If you listen closely

You can hear as my heart sighs,

When I call your name!

Without you here,

It's just not the same!

When I hear myself,

Call out your name!

12/24/03Copyright 2003 Ron D.Marcus




If I ever lost you, I don't know what I'd do,
If I ever lost you, I wouldn't have a clue,
If I ever lost you, I don't know what I'd say,
If I ever lost you, I wouldn't want to stay,
My life would be worthless a never ending nightmare,
I'd loose all those secrets that we agreed to share,
If I ever lost you, I'd be miserable day in and out,
If I ever lost you, all I'd do is pout,
If I ever lost you, I'd want my life to end,
If I ever lost you, there would be no love to receive or send,
My life a useless wreck, my time on this earth would be spent,
I would be more miserable then the deepest dreamer could have dreamt,
If I ever lost you, I'd dream of the day that you'd come back,
If I ever lost you, I wouldn't be able to obsess about your Love,
If I ever lost you, I wouldn't be living at all,
If I ever lost you, I'd feel 10 mm tall,
I'd be surrounded by memories that we shared,
I'd be haunted by the times when you cared,
If I ever lost you, my life would have no meaning,
If I ever lost you, I'm sure I'd stop believing,
I never want to lose you, I never want to say,
That I ever, ever begged you to stay,
I know that I would and I would feel no shame,
I always want to be able to call out your name,
To know that you'll always be there, to protect me from my fears,
And if I was to cry, you'd wipe away my tears...

1/10/04 To Susan My Love From Ronnie!Copyright 2004 Ron D.Marcus


Susan My Love,

I'm sitting here, wondering if you think of me,
Wondering if you dream of me,
Wanting to be with you, to feel you, to hear you,
To be with you when you need me,
To show you my Love,
Wanting to let you know that you own my
thoughts, soul and my heart.
Wanting to show you my Love,
Thinking about how I Love You and how
you mean so much to me,
Wishing I could be next to you....

As time passes by and the dark of night
shows no sign of light,
I pause for a while to think about the future,

Our Future!
How much I want to be with you every second

Of everyday!
I look at the moon and beautiful
memories come to my mind and a tear
falls from my eye.
But it's a tear of happiness!
Then a smile is felt upon my face.

Who would of thought

From that first Email

You sent me,

A Love like this would develope!
How from something small, a simple Hi, sprung a word
full of happiness...
A word only True Lovers can feel.
Love, that's the word.
Only people in Love, like us, know that True meaning.
We know how Love feels and what it Truly means
deep in our hearts!
We see it in our eyes and feel it in our souls!

I thank God daily

For sending you to me!
I want you to know, these are words that
come straight from my heart to yours!
Susan I Love You!

And my Love for you grows

Like Gods fruit on a vine,

More and more, each and everyday!

1/20/04 Copyright 2004




I give you my heart,

Please handle it with care,

For if it gets broken

There is no repair!

It is alive and it has feelings

It's old but it's New,

I give you my heart,

And it's only for you!

Along with my heart

Comes feeling and pride,

A Love that is so strong

And will stand by your side!

Treat it as though,

It's a wish that's come true,

and you will see how much;

I will always Love you!

I give you my heart,

And you accept what I give,

Treat it as your own,

So we can be happy and live!

Copyright © 2004

Susan My Love,

I will always Love you!

I hope by now,

You know this is True!

Love,Ronnie 1/24/04 Copyright 2004






"You Mean the World to Me"

Susan,My Love!

I want you to know,

You mean the World to me!

I will never give you up!

I'm never setting you free!

I am yours forever and ever!

And I hope you will always be mine!

As I will always stay by you,

until the very end of time!

You brightened my life!

You have stolen my Heart away!

I'm so very much in Love with you,

And will be day after day!

You've given me strength!

And it's kept my Love strong!

Being away from you's been rough!

But I'll be there with you before long!

With me My Love your life will take a turn!

As my Love for you takes you in a new direction!

So always stay with me My Love,

And I will always give you all my affection!

Together we'll share our dreams!

And may be even our tears!

Susan I will always stay with you!

As for I have no fears!

And together we'll conquer a lot!

As I will never ever let you go!

Our Love will move mountains,

As this we both already know!

So don't ever be worried or sad,

Just know my Love will always carry on!

Right now I may be far away,

But my Love for you will never be gone!

Susan, you are always in my heart and soul,

And my Love will always stay True!

All because you mean the World to me!

And I'm Deeply in Love with You!

"Loving You For Loving Me"

1/27/04 Copyright 2004



"Until I'm Gray and Old"

My heart has stopped before thee,
My knees will dropped to the floor!
'Twas the day I met you,
I knew I'd Love you forever more!.

My eyes fill with tears
And hands tremble as such
For when I think of you
I'd long to feel your touch.

T o me, your eyes are filled with glory!
And your words excite me like a dove!
I knew right then that you were mine!
Sent down from the Heavens above!

Words so true, so kind and pure,
Exchanged between us two!
Are lasting memories in my heart,
Put there through and through!

I pray the two of us will be,
One through out every breath we take!
Until my hair is gray no more,
As I know with you my heart will never break!



Susan, as I hold you nearer to my heart,

And I picture your Beautiful face,

I can't stop thinking about,

How us meeting had to be fate!

As I look at your picture,

And my heart starts beating fast,

I knew all at once the stories were true

about Love at first site!

We have only been together for a four months

And a week officially now,

But it seems as though I've known you longer!

More like my whole life!

I sometimes cry now because your not here!

As you are not here to wipe away my tears!

It kills me not to have you near!

Not being able to feel your body close to mine!

To know that you are not here to cheer me up,

Or hold me close or hear me cry!

I will feel much better when you are near,

To know that your just there!

But right now your not,

Your so far away!

Out of my reach

But NEVER out of my mind!

I Love you with all my heart!

And only wish,

You were not so far away!

But I wil be there soon!

And will have you in my arms,

Where you belong!

1/31/04 Copyright 2004





I thought I had tossed the key to

my heart away and wouldn't let anyone else in!

In the past I have Loved and only got hurt!

But with you I know that will never happen again!

I thought I had tossed the key to my heart as

hard and as far away as I could!

I said Love will never enter here again

that my heart was closed for good!

But all the sudden you came in to my life

and made me change my mind!

Just when I thought that

the tiny key was impossible to find...

You came along to prove to me that I was wrong!

All this time inside your heart was the key to my heart!

Susan My Love You held it there all along!

And I Love You more than ever for it My Love!

Love, Ronnie

Loving You For Loving Me" 2/01/04 Copyright 2004







As I lie here in my sleepless solitude,
I think of you and the plans we've shared
Our dreams, hopes, and inspirations
Often I ask myself,
Is this the woman of my dreams?'
Will I see Love in her eyes,
as I have in mine?
Will I see the stars,
when we make passionate Love?
Will her Love be as gentle as mine?
Love has never been easy for me!
I never felt the warmth of True Love embrace,
and captivate my soul as I have with you!
Never have I soared to a new high until you,
as some who are "in Love" have been blessed,
to have "LOVE" in their lives!
I longed to have the "LOVE"
that people only have once in a lifetime!
And now I have found this "LOVE" with you!
Before you, I was always wondering,
if I would ever have this "LOVE" in my life!
But you have given me this "LOVE"!
You have taught me the True meaning of Love!
I know now Love is very patient and kind!
Never jealous or envious!
Never haughty, selfish or rude!
Love is not irratable or touchy!
And will hardly notice if others do it wrong!
You have taught me that!
And you've taught me,
That Love is warm as a summer's day
and as bright as the stars up above!
That it is as deep as, the clear blue sea!
Thank You Sweetheart for bringing your Love to me!
Soothing my heart and soul,
the only way you know how!
I am Happy I found you,
and I will never ever let you go!
For you are my 'True Love'!
The Love of My Life!
And I just want to say,
Thank You Susan.
for being a part of Me!

Dedicated to the Love of my life......
My Love, My World, My Joy, My Susan, My Everything!
2/01/04 Copyright © 2004
Love, Ronnie!


It was an echo from the past
merely a shadow cast
By a long aged sunshine
Through the dreams it reached me
And the resounding deafened my ears.
And then the shadow engulfed me-
Sourounding me with darkness
Then the vacuum of the present
With one mighty roar
Sucked my senses back to the past
Where we had been before!

I trembled in antisipation
Expecting what, I did not know!
But I was suddenly aware
That you'd always been there!
Basking with me in the afterglow
Of the Love we've shared
Nor have you been spared
The resounding of the haunting echo!

And my lips were moving in reverent prayer:
"Oh, still the exstacy!
Tis nice to know she is there
But she can't belong to me"
(could my Lover hear?
or was she too in fear?)

I faced my dread and further  pled
Remember thou, the year that's past
And think ye not, she's come atlast!
Neither of us can be free
Why thinkest thou she come for thee?

Can I not say how very much
I'm always longing for her touch?
Or how I still Love her so much?

Be not a fool! Be but a friend!
Or say good bye- farewell- or the end!
And wipe those tears that blind your eyes
Lest you reveal the soul  that cries,
And the pain that sears thee down so deep.
I must not let her know why I weep!

Oh Lover of mine, my heart doth sorrow
If not today return tomorrow!
Copyright 5/24 2005 Ron D.Marcus

Copyright 2003-2010 Ron D.Marcus All Rights Reserved!

I lay awake at night, because I know where you are,
I try to forget and go to bed but I know you aren't too far.
I cannot help but wonder are you thinking of me too?
I wish somehow you were here with me and kissing me the way you do!
You're soft warm lips pressing happiness into my heart,
Telling me all that your words can't express making me never wanting to part!
I wonder if you hear me as I call out your name in my sleep?
I wonder if you see me when into my dreams you creep!
I wonder if given the chance would you always want to stay?
I wonder if you'd cherish my love or will someday you might want to go away?
Since you have touched my heart and you know my mind,
You can see I am gentle, loving, caring and kind !
When you walk hand and hand with me,
What wonderful treasures in the world we will see.
When you open your heart and bare your soul,
Now you know I will never hurt you or try to control.
If you could see the world through my eyes,
You would see without you my world is sad and it cries!
When I shared that wonderful day with you,
You could see that we were limitless, there's nothing we couldn't do!
If you would let me,I would put my soul at your feet,
You know now that inside, my love is exotic but sweet!
You know of my dreams and aspirations,
Of my perfect love with no inhibitions.
Sunshine you know I really care about you,
And you know my love will be honest and true!
Since you have taken this chance,
You know I will always fill your days with wild romance!
And if you could only see through my eyes for awhile,
See how I see you and your charismatic smile!
If you could have any wish that you may,
I would fulfill anything that you may say!
If you only knew the vastness of my desires,
The look in your eyes that set my heart on fire!
You have touched but one heart, and I'm glad it was mine,
Together I hope we will nurture and grow like fruit on a vine!
I will give you all that I hold precious and true,
I will love you through all of times, and only you.
I feel your presence everywhere,
I taste your lips and smell your hair !
Then I close my eyes and you appear,
The woman I cherish and love so dear!
I treasure your smile and adore your mind!
You've healed me darling! Your one of a kind!!!

Another special poem written just for You from Me!!!
Hi Love,I just wanted you to know I have never been so happy in my life as I am right now! I know slow down but I still have to let you know how I feel! I always want us to be able to express ourselves to one another. We both know that we communicate good to each other and I wouldn't want to keep anything from you! I am really looking foward to the next time you can excape and spend some time with me! I wrote this with the BIGGEST smile on my face imaginable:)one that has been there for a few days now!

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