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UPDATE 12/22/2016 It saddens me to say that my Dad Ronnie D. Marcus has stage 4 lung cancer and is going thru chemotherapy. I have set a go fund me page for those who wish to contribute to it My Dads Cancer Fund Thank you all and keep Him in your prayers. Angela

UPDATE 05/08/2013
I haven't wrote any new poems in quite sometime because I have been busy raising my daughter who is now 16 and getting to be a hand full! Well that and the fact that it's hard to write when you have know one to write to!

UPDATE 01/22/2007 I have Taken the no right click out so you can copy and paste poems for Valentines Day! Remember these poems are copyrighted and are free for personal use and I HAVE, DO AND WILL file a complaint if i find them used for commercial purposes! EVERYONE HAVE A HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and hopefully I will find someone to date soon so i can get back to writing and fill this empty space in my heart/life! Thanks for stopping by. Sincerily,Ron. Be sure to check out my NEW E-CARD SITE and send your Loved one a Love Card or any type of card for any occassion!

UPDATE 2/17/05....Today I added a chat program to contact me if I'm online. Just click on the "CHAT WITH US" button on the left window and it will open up a chat window to buzz me if I'm online!
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UPDATE 10/08/04...UPDATE on Carol on page 7

Welcome To My Love Poems...
Love Poems By Ron!
Hello there:) My name is Ron aka ronjohn261 these little websites that I leave all over the internet are my way of expressing myself and how I am feeling at the time that I build them. I have atleast six sites but forgot where some of them were due to a virus my computer picked up dating another computer...LOL.

Be sure to check out the WHATS NEW AND NEWS ABOUT ME PAGE it has all my love life updates on Which aren't too many...LOL
You can find an updated picture of me and my daughter there!
Everyone have a good day and thanks for stopping by! Ron :)

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1 Corinthians 13:4-13
"Love is very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud. Love is never haughty or selfish or rude. Love does not demand it's own way. Love is not irritable or touchy. Love does not hold grudges and will hardly notice when others do it wrong. Love is never glad about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins out. If you love someone, you will be loyal to them no matter what the costs. You will always believe in them, always expect the best in them, and will always stand your ground in defending them."

I Myself, try to live by this scripture each and every day of my Life! I Thank You for visiting and have a wonderful day as I know I will be!

The sun comes to me softly,as night-time fades away,I'm looking for answers on why it's ending this way. I never wanted to hurt you,or even let you down.I only wanted to paint a smile on a face, wearing a frown.I give you your freedom, because you need to fly.I'm waiting patiently , hopefully to catch your tears if you need to cry.But still I see you soaring, so close; and yet so far away.I'm glad we flew together,as time went by,I wouldn't of missed soaring with you,as together, we had to fly.But after it all, I still watch as you fly by,even though; it makes me cry.I listen to you sing your love song,as you say good-bye. But when the days are lost in memory,and all the pages have been turned.PLEASE look back at the good-times,and remember; It was a candle, not a bridge we burned! RON D. MARCUS This is the very first poem that I ever wrote.
As I say it is better to have loved and let go than not to have loved at all. Well if anyone reads this I hope that maybe,just maybe it will help you understand that when two people grow apart that you should go ahead and let the one go that needs more out of their life.Our lives go on. I know first hand of the pain of a broken heart but hearts don't really break, they just hurt until we understand life a little more than we did before.Thank you for visiting and I hope your day is a little brighter than it was before. And remember every action has a reaction, so what you do today you have to live and sleep with tonight. Copyright 2001-2016 Ron Marcus All Rights Reserved.

It was an echo from the past
merely a shadow cast
By a long aged sunshine
Through the dreams it reached me
And the resounding deafened my ears.
And then the shadow engulfed me-
Sourounding me with darkness
Then the vacuum of the present
With one mighty roar
Sucked my senses back to the past
Where we had been before!

I trembled in antisipation
Expecting what, I did not know!
But I was suddenly aware
That you'd always been there!
Basking with me in the afterglow
Of the Love we've shared
Nor have you been spared
The resounding of the haunting echo!

And my lips were moving in reverent prayer:
"Oh, still the exstacy!
Tis nice to know she is there
But she can't belong to me"
(could my Lover hear?
or was she too in fear?)

I faced my dread and further  pled
Remember thou, the year that's past
And think ye not, she's come atlast!
Neither of us can be free
Why thinkest thou she come for thee?

Can I not say how very much
I'm always longing for her touch?
Or how I still Love her so much?

Be not a fool! Be but a friend!
Or say good bye- farewell- or the end!
And wipe those tears that blind your eyes
Lest you reveal the soul  that cries,
And the pain that sears thee down so deep.
I must not let her know why I weep!

Oh Lover of mine, my heart doth sorrow
If not today return tomorrow!
Copyright 5/24 2005 Ron D.Marcus

You bring a smile to my face,
One that will never be replaced!
You understand all of my ways,
You and me sharing wonderful days!
I hope that you love because I love you,
I will never forget the things that you do !
Hold me close hold me tight,
Never let me out of your sight !
Kiss me now , kiss me quick ,
Your kiss gives my heart a special tick!

It was monday night , And I was nowhere in sight , You called me on the phone , To see if I was home . You told me to meet you someplace , I drove there in a race , We sat and talked awhile , As I stared at your big smile . Then I invited you to my home , So you wouldn't feel all alone . We made never ending Love , As the Angels watched from above . Three nights and days go by , Then we get a call that made me sigh , And you had to go home , Leaving me here all alone ! Sunshine I missed you so , When you had to go , When you left I was sad , But never was I mad !

Where you with me last night ?
I could feel you lying next to me.
The warmth of your body so close so real,
Feeling your beating heart against my chest.

Could you feel me last night ?
Our passions together so warm ,
So intense it made time stand still !
If it was a dream , it felt so real .

Did you kiss me last night ?
I know I felt your lips on mine !
As we embraced , I could feel you .
The softness of your touch ever so fine !

Yes , you were with me last night,
Together as one - and I know ,
You will be with me again tonight ,
As my dream will continue on to show ,
Just how much I do care for you ,
And I really want you to know!Copyright © 2001-2016 Ron Marcus All Rights Reserved.

Have a portentous day as I know I will be!


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